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Physical fitness has been a lifelong passion of mine. While serving with the U.S. Marines I began training myself and others to achieve a higher level of physical preparedness. This developed into a passion for lifting weights that took me to the powerlifting platform where I competed in multiple state, national, and world level championships. My clients range from military servicemembers to athletes to the average person desiring improved physical fitness, whether that be in sports or in daily life.

ISSA Master Trainer. USMC HITT Level 2. TRX Force. CrossFit Level 1. Creator of the GZCL Method and related programs known the world over.

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Thousands have used my training concepts around the world for nearly a decade. Many achieving podium finishes in powerlifting, including world championship competitions. Others have used my training to improve their physical fitness in preparation for high caliber military schools, like Army Rangers, Marine Raiders, and police SWAT.

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Recognized world wide and used in gyms everywhere. Known among the best physical fitness training programs for for improving size and strength. A method born out of my experience and passion in the gym and refined through learning. GZCL has been forged by multitudes training around the world achieving their goals and reporting their results.

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